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by Matuschka Lindo

I am asking this question to myself more than to anyone else. I am falling into what I believe is a sad state of mind. That unmotivated feeling of not wanting to dress up when I go out. I'm asking myself... am I tired, do I not fit into anything fun, am I getting lazy, or am I just so selfish and wrapped up into how I feel that I am not even thinking about the event I am going too? Hmmm truthfully I think it might be a little of all of the above. I really notice it during the Holidays. I am so blessed to be invited to parties, events and to attend shows. What is my number one thought right before I go. "Do I have to wear a dress? Do I have to dress up? To reinforce my selfish behavior I also call a friend. "Hey, are you dressing up for this or wearing jeans?" How I went from a dress to jeans in less than five minutes is beyond me? But if I were to be honest that is really how it goes. I mean... I do like dressing up. And I don't think twice about it if it's a formal invitation. But when it's my choice like going to a restaurant, a house party, sadly even church. I fear, I think of how I feel and what mood I am in, instead of respecting the people or place I am attending. Is it wrong? I don't know is my answer. Here are some easy Holiday ideas that make dressing up simple. Key item the little black dress.

In general, society has become more casual. For me personally, I think I have gotten comfortable in my own skin. Making it okay with me to throw on a cute t-shirt and jeans and go out to eat. There is something nice about being midlife and finally saying, "Hey this is who I am and I'm good with it and to hell with you if you are not." Don't get me wrong. I don't schlep around looking like a mess. I still have on make-up, do my hair and wear my jewelry. I'm just not sporting the heels, or the dress, or suit. But I think there is a fine line. Every time I watch a show like Downton Abbey I thank the Lord above we don't have to dress up like that anymore 24/7. It's exhausting to even watch them getting dressed or re-dressing just for dinner. But when I watch that show I see some elegance that we are missing today. I say we and I truly mean me included. In many ways we have lost a respect for the person hosting us. Whether it be a house party, a wedding, going to a restaurant or going to church. And that my midlife friends, is selfishly sad. Think about it? You've planned a great Christmas Party on a Friday night. You have cleaned, had it catered and you have given it 100% for weeks. How would you feel if you knew all your guests are dreading this party as they get off work on Friday and they are tired. They are thinking, like I would be... Oh can I just go slip on something more casual then head out. I'll feel much better. Are we right to dress how we want here? Or should we be respecting the efforts of the hostess and what she would like to see walking through her doors for her grand Christmas Party? Thoughts? By the way let me clear your head so you can focus on my blog. The final season of Downton Abbey starts January 3, 2016 on PBS. Yes, that's only 25 days from today. Now pay attention to my blog and think about my question!

Are we becoming more selfish and egocentric? I mean sit back and look around the next few days. It's not just parties it's everywhere. Work, meetings, I can't even think about how inappropriate people are dressed for travel. I think there is no going back there. That is just a hot mess. No wonder Lululemon is jammed pack. That is now everyday clothing for ALL sizes. Oye'! I am not writing this blog to judge, because I am just as guilty on many facets here. No, I don't wear work out wear to travel but I have been dressing down in places I really should consider the circumstances, because I am more focused on me and how I feel. I have no answers today. I just wanted to provoke some thought. Personally, I hope I snap out of this phase. It's nice to dress up and and be well put together while out in public. I found a great article that kind of answers the question of Why we don't dress up anymore? It really made me reconsider my behavior. The author ends by saying she believes something has been lost in our world today of how we present ourselves, and that to regain it we must first reclaim a sense of gratitude. You aren't being honest with yourself it it doesn't make you think about it just a little.

Keep looking forward so you don't miss what God puts in front of ya!

Matuschka's Midlife... Telling it like it is...
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