Voice Over And Narration Services By Matuschka Lindo
by Matuschka Lindo

I am in a dressing room on a Friday night trying on some jeans. Next to me I hear a mom begging... I mean begging. "Please, Please just give mommy five minutes to try on a dress for daddy's party." There must be three kids in there whining that they are tired, asking why she needs a new dress and finally the reason this scenario is taking place. "Mommy when does daddy's plane come back."
There I was with my Starbucks decaf coffee (it was 6:30pm can't do caffeine) relaxing and calmly trying on jeans. I was on my own time getting ready to head home to switch clothes then go out and grab dinner. Remembering so well my pre midlife days of little ones as I listened to the frustration of the mother in the dressing room next to me. Time moved so much slower back then when my kiddos were toddlers. I only wore uniforms of khaki pants or jeans and a white or black top. I mean really, why invest in clothes when 9 times out of 10 I was going to find shit on me. Spit up, candy, ketchup, marker, the list is endless. Lack of time... not enough hours in the day to make everyone happy and still find time to take care of me. That is the #1 thing I do not miss. I still sometimes get overwhelmed with my families needs (actually more wants than needs) and forget to take care of myself, but it's easier to take care of the problem now with young adults. With midlife comes more 'me' time. If I am going to be honest, I have to admit I love more 'me' time. Here are thirteen ways to take care of yourself!

The mounds and mounds of laundry I do not miss. I still get it occasionally when everyone is home. But no one plays a million sports anymore so there aren't multiple showers being taken with multiple outfits for the day. Thank you Lord as I hate doing laundry especially whites. Come to think of it... I hardly have any whites now. What the hell happened to all the white stuff? Odd! The dishwasher runs maybe twice a week now. I don't miss getting dinner ready and right when I need to set the table every damn thing is still in the dirty dishwasher that No One bothered to start. Nope I don't have enough dishes to even really fill it anymore. We run it half full, just because... I guess? We really never have all the plates in there anymore. But sitting at the table eating dinner without the full crew, that is an ache I am still working through. Needless to say the less laundry and dishes helps trump the pain. Cooking for two isn't bad... even though our daughter is only a senior her activities keep her from the dinner table 4 nights of the week. With the final one getting ready to leave the nest I keep comparing the new freedom that is so close to the departure of full time motherhood. Not saying one is better than another, just noticing there are things I don't miss... quite a few actually.

Parent Teacher conferences, thank you for all you do but that was like speed dating for my children hated it! Homework hours and hours... enough said there. Makes me vomit just thinking of them struggling or crying at the table. Weekends booked with activities from the crack of dawn until sunset. I loved it when I did it. It was fun and I enjoyed the camaraderie but I am over it now. I like a Saturday with a paper, magazine and a coffee. Is it wrong to not miss those jammed packed Saturday's? I think for everything there is a season... been there done that. Oh I am so close to a few things  that are winding down. After parties can't wait for that to be done with, along with sleep overs. My last spring break in some godforsaken Mexico destination... what is it about that? I have offered New York City, Paris anywhere and nothing works. I think parents should celebrate when the last senior spring break is checked off the list.  Jesus, Mary and Joseph that can't come soon enough. I would say in todays blog I hit pre mid-life and the beginning of mid life. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed every stage when I was in it, but the closing of some of those chapters... let's just say it's time. Here are some new opportunities to think of after the kids are gone. You don't have to love every stage. It's okay to admit there are things you can say good ridden too!

Keep looking forward so you don't miss what God puts in front of ya!

Matuschka's Midlife... Telling it like it is...
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Renee Fesler
11/04/2015 7:59am

I love this. Thank you because I needed it this morning. I am knee deep in the jam packed Saturdays!!!!

11/05/2015 12:41am

Hang in there Renee, you will blink and those Saturdays will be gone!

11/04/2015 9:01am

Love every stage but soooo miss those tiny hands reaching up for mine 😩

11/05/2015 12:44am

I too miss the tiny hands, and the giggles, and the toes, and the waddle walks, and the way they said momma.

Tracy Bittle
11/05/2015 9:53am

You sooooo Nailed It Tischk! Love it.

11/05/2015 8:15pm

Still trying to figure it all out Tracy!

11/06/2015 9:35am

i love you and you still make me laugh all these years later! Cheers to empty nesting next year!

11/06/2015 10:27am

This us all so true! I LOVE "me" time and don't miss the days of having little ones!

08/24/2016 3:54pm

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01/08/2017 11:17pm

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02/04/2017 6:19am

This is like back in my pre middle time. All the words are true!

02/14/2017 5:25am

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