Voice Over And Narration Services By Matuschka Lindo
by Matuschka Lindo

Never have, never will like Halloween. I don't like to be scared, I don't like to even think of witchcraft or evil, and I don't like to get dressed up in costumes. So, there should be no surprise that Halloween is one of my least favorite holidays. I can still smell that plastic mask I use to wear on my face as the rubber band tangled with my curly hair and my tongue would have small cuts since I used to stick it through the mouth slit of that damn mask. Oh... the memories are so awful. Even now I think I have carpel tunnel in my wrist from having to change the channel on the remote so quickly because while surfing what's on television, there is always some creepy or scary movie airing this time of year. To this day when I see those arms flailing and reaching through the window in the black and white classic of 'Night of The Living Dead' my skin crawls. Then I have some friends that love to fill bowls full of candy because they want to stay home and give out candy. They are so excited to see all the different costumes and hear the jokes from trick-or-treaters. I must be the Grinch of Halloween, because that sounds like bloody hell! Now let's talk costumes and dressing  up... Have you seen the halloween costumes for women. Where was I when Halloween became expose your breast day. Every costume for women is so scantily clad and boobalicious or skin tight. Ahhh no thank you. I don't want to be a Bar Wench, A Vixen Gypsy, A Burlesque Babe, or a Playful Bunny. It's tempting though isn't it? Hardly, enough! I am almost 50 years old this blog is going to be about what the hell we can do to enjoy October 31st if you are a Halloween hater like me. At least let me direct you to a website with some empowering costumes for women if you do love getting all dressed up.

#1 Choice for non Halloween lovers, start getting ready for the real holidays to make the next couple of weeks less hectic. Great night to plan how you want to do your turkey. Fry, Bake, Smoke or Order from somewhere. Start planning that meal and what you are going to do for Turkey Day. Here are 101 Thanksgiving recipes along with ideas, many are real simple. Get that Christmas card ordered and behind you, you can get 60% off some Christmas Cards on Optimal Print website through October 31. You can also do what I did last year...  I shopped. The stores are empty, the money you didn't spend on a costume is now in your pocket for some holiday outfits. SCORE! Lastly, this is one of my favorites. Go to the store on Halloween day and buy your favorite halloween candy at a bargain sale price and make the most delicious recipes from HERE! Great desserts made with leftover halloween candy! YUMMY!

As I conclude my All Hallows' Eve Humbug I must let you know it is one of the worlds oldest holidays. There is some pretty interesting history to the day even if you don't like the trick or treat festivities. While October 31st is my least favorite day there is a positive side... anyone that has ever read a blog of mine knows that this time of year is my favorite season. Halloween is the kick off of fall favorites. Football, pumpkin flavored everything, piles of leaves and the start of throwing logs into fireplaces. It's BIG yummy sweaters with sweats and fuzzy socks. It's crisp air, comfy boots, winter wardrobes, and mugs of soup. A toast to Fall my friends... Salute!

Keep looking forward so you don't miss what God puts in front of ya!

Matuschka's Midlife... Telling it like it is...
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10/28/2015 10:30am

hope I didn't scare you.;)

10/28/2015 6:10pm

What am I going to do with you! Ha

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02/04/2017 6:20am

This is like an extra weekends for me. But home work drives me crazy.

02/21/2017 11:54am

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