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by Matuschka Lindo

     We have heard about these since we were teenagers. We knew that we would eventually get them. But we didn’t realize it wasn’t like the movies where you were just sitting with an evening drink. You reached down for a napkin and lightly start tapping your forehead with an, “Oh my, its rather hot. I think I’m having a dreadful hot flash.”  Nope doesn’t really go down like that, at least it didn’t for me. I think the nickname for hot flashes should be ‘drenches’. Now a lot of things make this entire experience that much worse. It didn’t take long for me to figure out I would have to stop meeting my 5:00 lover. I was in denial for quite some time. Unfortunately the constant headaches and the beads of sweat dripping down my breast every time we had our 5:00 rendezvous, made me realize this affair would have to end. How I loved the smell of him, the feel of his exterior in my hand. There was the coolness and smoothness I always looked forward to. I would stare at the darkness and richness knowing in seconds he would be part of my body, that the two of us would soon become one. I would savor his scent of oak, the masculinity swirling through my senses. Then, ever so gently I would put the cool rim up to my quivering lips. The anticipation brought a quickening to my heart. Ahhhh the first spicy liquid would touch, I opened for more and let it fill the insides of my mouth. My 5:00 affair… right on time with no regrets, no looking back. The heat would travel down my throat, a slight comfortable robust burn of pure pleasure. But by 5:30 p.m. it would all go terribly wrong. The pounding at my temples, the heat rising from deep inside, he never treated me like this before; it was a betrayal of sorts. Yes, it was time to say goodbye, the affair was over. No longer would I be able to dally with Mr. Cabernet Sauvignon. Alcohol and peri-menopause/menopause don't mix.

My romance with wine isn't the only hot flash no no out there. Of course, it is different for every woman. Wine may not bother many of you. But it's one of the top things to stay away from when trying to avoid hot flashes. Some other culprits we are advised to avoid include Stress, Spicy Foods, Caffeine and Tight Clothing. I think to myself really? So what's left. Granted I gave up tight clothes long time ago. Then again, I never really had the body for tight clothes. So I think it comes down to weighing your options or maybe what you can do to counter making the reaction so intense if you do dally with these forbidden midlife fruits. Exercise, Yoga, and Wearing Light Layers can keep hot flashes at bay. The Menopause Goddess sums it up rather well… comparing it to hell. 

With summer right around the corner I started thinking of the heat and the hot flashes combined.  I can't find a firm answer on how long hot flashes will last, or how bad it can get. It just truly varies all across the board. Imagine that… no straight forward answer for a woman's hormonal body temperature? I do know that if you have severe symptoms when it comes to hot flashes it's not something to ignore. Seek medical advice quickly and get yourself checked out. There are some medical conditions that can cause severe hot flashes such as thyroid disease, infection, or even cancer. So if you have any doubts follow your gut and get it checked. MORE Magazine shares some great advice on how to keep your temperature down with 5 Hot Flash Fixes! Below is the most accurate information timeline I could find on Hot Flashes according to Women's Health Magazine. Wish I had better news… Sorry
  1. Hot flashes affect about 85% of women during the years immediately before and after menopause. Menopause usually occurs around age 51, but hot flashes can begin as early as 2 to 3 years before the last menstrual period. Hot flashes can last for 6 months to as long as 15 years after the final period.

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Keep looking forward so you don't miss what God puts in front of ya!

Matuschka's Midlife... Telling it like it is...



05/14/2014 9:13am

This is hilarious!! Loved it.

05/14/2014 10:41am

Glad you enjoyed!

Jana Curtis Suthers
05/14/2014 9:56pm

I can sooo relate! LOVED it !

05/14/2014 10:21pm

So glad Jana! Wish it weren't soooo true!

Jill Stone
05/15/2014 7:46am

OMG! Matuschka, this is awesome. The first paragraph made me think you should be writing romance novels - HOT romance novels :)

05/15/2014 11:49am

Really? No, I just write my thoughts and hope I'm not alone in my feelings ha ha! Besides I am a fragment queen. My grammar and punctuation are weak, a hot mess all around. So glad you read my blog though, thank you!


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