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by Matuschka Lindo

Good Genes, Eating Well, Exercise, yes yes that's all part of it, but a big part that many of us forget is our psyche! Yep, making sure you are Happy is a big part of living longer. Not saying it will guarantee you becoming a centenarian, but being Happy is a big part of the equation along with some luck if you are striving to live a longer quality life. Scientific Studies have shown that people who have a positive outlook on life, are satisfied with their lives and that laugh a lot, are more likely to live longer. Being Happy can add a minimum of 10 years to your lifespan. According to science Saturday Night Live can do more for you than broccoli and weights! I must tell you this is music to my ears!  (Don't try to omit the broccoli and weights you need all of the above.) If you walk around like Gloomy Eeyore odds are you may want to start working on your eulogy. Not to mention those of us who want to live life to it's fullest are trying to get the hell away from you! Sorry, everyone can fall into a rut but if you are always pessimistic and depressed please get help for your health and because it sucks the life out of EVERYONE around you.

I know I want to live longer... we all do. Just not sure I want to be a centenarian, do you? That's someone who lives to or beyond the age of 100 years. Have you heard of a supercentenarian... EEEgads! I just don't know? This is a person who has lived to the age of 110 or more. I think I am afraid to live that long. I am afraid to see so many that I love die. I am afraid to be left alone in this big world. Is that crazy or selfish of me? Sometimes I am even afraid to see what this world will be like if I make it to 100. To think of more hate, poverty and discrimination breaks my heart. Not sure I could bare much more. But when I read the words of wisdom of 100 pieces of advice from 100-year-olds it made me believe that you want to stick around for as long as you can. Again much of the advice revolved around good friends, positive attitude and if you can't be Happy all the time at least be satisfied. There was a little about exercise, and eating well but again those were just some key ingredients not the substance that gets you to the finish line. It was more about NOT having too many rules, NOT giving up on love and if I read it 100 times it was to be positive, positive, positive!

According to Prevention magazine there are some other elements that come into play when striving to live longer. Not sure how factual they are but it's at least amusing and made me think overall on maybe adjusting some of the things I do daily. Consider some of these mentions in the prevention article that claim to help you live longer. You have a flat belly after menopause, you're a tea lover, you eat purple food, and you don't snore just to name a few. For the record that purple food includes red wine... ya baby! If I can drink good wine and laugh the years away with my girlfriends and my husband, I think I may make a run for it and try to be a centenarian. Who knows? I think I won't be sure of how I really feel until I'm 98 or 99. Only then will celebrating 100 years look pretty damn good! Stay Happy and stay positive. There's no shame in getting help to do it either! Doesn't matter if it's an internist, nutritionist, or psychiatrist. Make wellness for your entire body a mission as you age. 

Keep looking forward so you don't miss what God puts in front of ya!

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by Matuschka Lindo

Damn Christmas Decorations that's what! If you are curious it's 38 days to Halloween, 64 days to Thanksgiving, 93 days to Christmas and what the hell let's throw it in there, 100 days to New Year! If you want to keep up with the Christmas Countdown there is a twitter feed @ChristmasCount. So, there are a couple of things that frustrate me here. The pushing of shopping for Christmas sales before Halloween and decorating the store for the holidays by October 1. Both are a total turn off for me. I'm not saying that if I see something in August that would be a great gift, I don't buy it. But I don't want to see Christmas stuff or hear Christmas music until it's the Holiday Season for the love of... Hmmm I guess if you add the music that makes three issues that drive me crazy when it comes to the Christmas Creep. In case you didn't know the Christmas season begins with Advent between November 27 and December 3 and lasts through Christmastide, which officially starts December 25 and lasts 12 days. 

Those close to me, that give me crap (Kelly) know pushing Christmas on me is one sure way to get me to boycott your store. This year Selfridges in London was the first store in the world to start the 2015 Christmas Holiday shopping season on August 3. Shame on you! How did this nightmare get started? Well thank the big box stores. Apparently they did it to support resellers to help them prepare their stores. By 2002 the flood gates opened and it continued to get worse as other department stores hopped on board. A Holiday Retail Readiness survey was conducted online by Harris Poll on behalf of SOASTA (some cloud performance company) and in the last 2 years their research shows Americans are sick of retailers shoving Christmas down their throats!  The reports state that 81% of American adults think stores should not play Christmas music before Thanksgiving – up from 78% of American adults. 77% of American adults think stores shouldn’t put up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving – up from 76%. Complaints are up that Black Friday was Black November, even Cyber Monday was ruined, last year it turned into cyber MONTH! Thank you Nordstrom for continuing to refrain from decorating or pushing Christmas sales until the holiday season. They are pretty much one of the few department stores that get my credit card for the holidays. They continue to hold out and not open for Thanksgiving Day and not put Christmas decorations up until after Thanksgiving. Support them by Shopping at www.shopnordstrom.com.

You are not going to believe what I am going to tell you next... are you sitting down. Compared to other parts of the world the Christmas Creep and Commercialization of the holiday is mild in the United States. Seriously, you can't make this stuff up. There are 13 countries ahead of us... THIRTEEN! As you saw above London started in August. Apparently it's worse in Australia and Britain. The culprit... without a holiday like Thanksgiving to set the start date these countries have no reigns to haul them in! Ghastly! Does anyone even remember what the holiday is even about? I'm running out of space here with my mental thoughts. My big question is does extending the holiday season even help these desperate retailers? The answer... NO! Not really according to most of the articles I have read. There are only so many dollars no matter how far you spread the holiday out. DUH According to an article by Money Magazine... the Christmas Creep boils down to these Grinch Stats: It has all led to more confusion, frustration, and indecision among shoppers, who have good reason to feel like stores are constantly manipulating them. The average Black Friday discount was only 5%. Aren't you glad you didn't stand in line for hours. Can we PLEASE just celebrate one holiday at a time. I fear Christmas in July is not far away.

Keep looking forward so you don't miss what God puts in front of ya!

Matuschka's Midlife... Telling it like it is...
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by Matuschka Lindo 

Dear God, why do you take the good ones so soon? I know I've asked before and I have heard your whispers. I trust you... but it still hurts. Those are my conversations with the big guy whenever he snatches someone so dear that is part of my life. Dear Cindy we will miss you terribly you were one of the really really good ones always doing for others. Our friend Cindy died on Saturday suddenly of a brain aneurysm. I feel it's important to understand what a Brain Aneurysm is because about 3 to 5 million people in the United States have cerebral aneurysms, even though most are not producing any symptoms.

There are several factors that cause brain aneurysms to develop over time. I wanted to bring it front and center because the key ages are between 30 and 60 and those are midlife years. Statistics also show it's more prevalent in women. That's most of us reading this blog and we should try to be proactive if the risk factors pertain to us. If there is family history and you are approaching 40 talk to your doctor. If you have common symptoms talk to your doctor. Let me stress that although they may run in families, people are rarely born with a predisposition for aneurysms. There are certain risk factors that increase with age. Below are some of them from the Mayo Clinic website:

These include:

Older age
High blood pressure (hypertension)
Hardening of the arteries (arteriosclerosis)
Drug abuse, particularly the use of cocaine
Head injury
Heavy alcohol consumption
Certain blood infections
Lower estrogen levels after menopause

Just looking at the risk factors show why an alarm should go off for women. The good news is you can get it checked if your doctor recommends you do so, there are a variety of tests. There is also treatment available. For some there is always a fear of the unknown. Many may not have a valid reason to get checked. A healthy lifestyle will help keep a cerebral aneurysm from producing symptoms. Don't smoke, diet and exercise are both key. Limit caffeine, caffeine is a stimulant that can cause a sudden increase in blood pressure. Also avoid straining... like heavy weights, it can cause a sudden increase in blood pressure.

In closing with a heavy heart, prayers to Cindy's family and to all who knew her. She was strong, she was passionate about her faith and her family, she was so very kind and loving. I am a better person for knowing her. She will be deeply missed... God Bless.

Keep looking forward so you don't miss what God puts in front of ya!

Matuschka's Midlife... Telling it like it is...
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by Matuschka Lindo

I'm one of those that has never been to a high school reunion. I really don't have a good reason except I don't like reunions in general... that includes family reunions. That all changed over Labor Day weekend this year. Going back in time was a bundle of emotions. Emotions that I embraced and I encourage you to do the same. Let me tell you why I think the 30th is the best if you aren't fond of reunions. And let's be clear, I loved high school! They were some of the best years of my life. I had great friends, I was a cheerleader for an amazing 5A football team in a town obsessed with football in Enid Oklahoma. We had a great class of over 450 students and HELLO it was the 80's. Life was PERFECT! Maybe that's why I never wanted to go back. I wanted to remember everyone just the way they were when we graduated. Not sure of my reasoning but here are 5 good reasons to attend your high school reunion.

10year Reunion- A good friend from high school was having a wedding three months after so why bother. Not to mention if it were harpoon season I would have been speared as I was nearing the end of my pregnancy. In my mind I felt this gathering would entail asking about where I went to college, if I was dating, if I was married, and discussions about my career choice. Yes, I was happily married, pregnant with my first child, and a news reporter. Nothing bad, I just didn't want to spend two evenings talking about those topics. No to the 10th reunion.

20year Reunion- I felt this was a status of judgement time. Trying to figure out how successful you are in life. If you are still married and if so... do you have 2 kids with the family pet and do you live in the great house with the pool. How many vacations have you taken and did you make it to Bora Bora. Again, life was good. I was freelancing, had two great kids and we did travel quite a bit. But if you weren't getting my Christmas cards by now, I didn't want to share/listen to 20 years of adventures at a two night reunion. Still just not appealing to me, sorry sorta selfish.

30year Reunion- I RSVP yes. Not really sure why, except I missed all that I was blessed with in my past. Memories and people were starting to get fuzzy. Thanks to Face Book I was aware that we had lost several classmates. I had not been back to Enid since my parents moved in 2002. I just got out of a cast and had gained 13 pounds so I wasn't even looking great. But something was drawing me back. I think there was a fear that at almost 50 years of age my reunion opportunities of seeing so many that I missed and had so much fun with were dwindling. Mentally I broke it down to this... at my 40th things could be busy with my children and their marriages, births etc. 50th- well who is to say I will make it to that reunion and how many more people might we lose in our class by then? No, it was time for me to head back to see The Class of 1985. Recent articles state that reunions in your 50's are the best to go to... and they are correct!

Why? Because we are all humbled by then. All the superficial stuff of the previous reunions doesn't matter. It is a wonderful celebration of the past and the present all wrapped up into one. People just want to know how you are doing in general, how your parents are and that life in general is treating you ok. The first night is so exciting. People walk in and two things happen.  You recognize them or you don't! It is a rather fun game. I was called Melanie three times. The good news is I think they called my girlfriend Melanie by my name just as much! LOL. Overall my classmates looked amazing inside and out. There were lots of hugs, lots of reminiscing, and so very much laughter. On the last night I was laughing so hard with some of my close friends that I wet my pants. Something that I would have done in high school. It really is like you are totally transported back into time. There was a table with candles and names of the 20 we lost. They were missed... rest in peace dear friends. Some were divorced, some were in between jobs, some were already grandparents but no one cared. At your 30 year reunion people accept you for who you are and for the journey. Because son of a bitch no one tells you... but life is hard! 

Statistics show that the 50th Class Reunion is the most attended. Click here for some other reunion statistics. Truthfully that will probably be the next reunion I attend with the Grace of God. But at this 30th reunion we were all filling up our phones with contact information because I think times are changing. It's easier to stay connected and travel. As we become empty nesters we have more time, and what better way to go through the next phase of life. Connecting with old and new friends and traveling the world to share what life has to offer. Trust me when I say the 30year reunion is a good time to travel back. To all of those who worked so hard to make the EHS reunion a success... Thank You! Dancing the night away to Queen, Tears for Fears, U2, Duran Duran and The Police was so fun! Until I see you all again. Thanks for the memories old and new. I love you all just the way you are!

Keep looking forward so you don't miss what God puts in front of ya! (unless it's you're 30th reunion)

Matuschka's Midlife... Telling it like it is...

by Matuschka Lindo

I used to think it was creepy the way I am being tracked. I look something up on the internet whether it's a piece of clothing or a restaurant and then what I looked up is stalking me all over social media. Those shoes are on Facebook for weeks or that restaurant starts showing up on my groupon's for dining. But it's no longer even creepy to me now it's just annoying. News flash to social media stalkers... once the item I thought I loved and absolutely had to have is in my face 24/7 guess what? The novelty then wears off and I no longer want it. I  am almost now bored with seeing the damn piece you keep force feeding down my throat. You are killing the leisure of surfing the net. Not to mention I fear Facebook and Google know more about me than my own family! My husband doesn't know my hair products by name or brand... Facebook does! My kids don't know what my favorite designer shoes are or what my  favorite department store is... but you better believe google knows. What's even worse is after doing a little research not only are these companies tracking and stalking my data... but they are making money doing it. Through these vehicles there are dozens of companies tracking us and targeting us... There is a way to get them off the hunt, but it's not easy. Here's a Wall Street Journal article to help you escape!

Yet another invasion comes from emails. Remember telemarketers and those awful phone calls you would get? Now they are harassing us in the form of email. At least with the phone I felt like they called you at a certain time of day (right around dinner). With emails it's a constant barrage of coupons, discounts, sales and whatever other shiny objects they can throw into ones face. The worst part of it is that once you get on one of these email lists... It's like giving birth to get the hell off of the subscription. To unsubscribe is one of the biggest pain in the asses there are out there for the consumer. I am not ashamed to mention some of the harder ones to get off your email are Restoration Hardware,  Replacements LTD.,  Xilisoft, and any type of political organization just to name a few. I have spent an entire afternoon hitting unsubscribe on all these emails that thank heavens mostly go into my promotions in box not my primary. I read the entire option that says it may take a week for it to end. I get the pop up that says we are sorry to see you go... please tell us why you are leaving. Blah blah blah blah blah. The very next week the damn email is still coming. It seems I have been unsubscribing the wrong way. Here's some information on how to REALLY UNSUBSCRIBE!

Below are some statistics regarding social media that I got off a website newsletter called 
t-nooz after they conducted a survey on social listening.

  • 32% of people have no idea companies are listening online.
  • 51% want to talk about companies on social media without companies listening.
  • 43% think social media listening is an intrusion on their privacy.
  • 48% say companies should just listen to improve products and services.
  • 58% only want companies to respond to complaints on social media.
  • 42% expect companies to respond to positive comments on social media.
  • 64% only want companies to respond to social comments only when spoken to.

It boils down to this... businesses are trying to keep up with what we want, but to do so is becoming annoying for us the consumer. Here is their side of the coin. Traditional marketing can be a drain on funds especially if it's a small business. Social media marketing, on the other hand, is pretty low-cost and gives businesses a direct line to current and prospective customers. It helps them to address our needs and our wants when we shop. Isn't that what we want in the end? Tough nut to crack.

Keep looking forward so you don't miss what God puts in front of ya!

Matuschka's Midlife... Telling it like it is...
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