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by Matuschka Lindo

Usually I blog about midlife and aging for women. Every now and then something comes along that makes me want to talk about the midlife male. A few weeks ago I met a man who had a rather unique toupee. Yes darling, that's a nice way of saying it was just AWFUL. We were in the middle of a conversation and I drifted off just staring at the fake synthetic hair screaming toupee and wondered why? In this day and age when bald seems to be so in... Why would you choose a toupee unless you had the money to get one that at least made someone doubt themselves on whether or not it was really your hair. But when it is so ridiculously obvious that you have a toupee why? Even back in the day I thought Yul Brynner was so handsome. My husband has decided to be bald and shave his head probably for the last 15 years. I love it! I think he looks sexy and handsome. Then again who am I to judge? If a toupee makes someone feel better or more attractive then maybe it's worth it. My question to men is how can you not think bald wins hands down ESPECIALLY when the choices are hair pieces or plugs, the comb over or Lord help us... dare I say the comb up. You better be over 80 if you are doing the comb up. That's just unacceptable! Research has shown that 50 percent of men have some type of balding or receding hairline by the age of 35. One article states that the primary suspect for men losing hair is DHT, the byproduct of testosterone.

Some men can pull off a good looking toupee and look handsome, but they are few and far between. You know even some of the best James Bonds wore a toupee. But chances are they would look just as good bald if not better. Sean Connery for example looks more yummy bald in my opinion.  Not to mention, if I am going to run my hands through your hair. Please let it be a bald head instead of glue or anything unnatural for that matter. Many celebrities attempt to get away with so called great hair pieces, click here for the unveiling. I guess if you really really are leaning towards a toupee the least I can do is guide you to a good one. The best place to go is to a hair salon that works with hair pieces. Also Barb Quinn writes that if you are going to attach hair to your head make sure it's real hair. Meaning price wise you will start at about $300. Then you need to figure out what type of attachment works best for you. Double sided tape, glue, clips or opting to get it sewn in. Seems like a lot of work for me with only a small percent chance of even pulling it off? Also from my point of view double sided tape cannot end well in any way on top of your head! I am not a toupee expert. There may be many men I come in contact with and I have no clue if they are plugged up!

Before I close... I just can't help myself.  I have to end with a final push on why I believe Bald is Better! I think there's a strength to the bald look. Most bald men seem mature and secure with who they are... no primping or fussing needed. They've accepted what they have to work with and they go ahead and strut that look. They own it and rarely do I see a wimpy bald headed man. Confidence is what catches my eye when I see bald. What can I say I am a sucker for a shiny bald head. Ladies I'm not going to leave you empty handed this week. Here are some Bald Hotties for your Wednesday hump day pleasure.

Keep looking forward so you don't miss what God puts in front of ya!

Matuschka's Midlife... Telling it like it is...

by Matuschka Lindo

Well it use to be good until I started rolling out of bed with a fear of what was going to ache, snap, crackle, or POP! Good heavens! Rolling out of bed in the morning has become this mystery pain game. Nothing lasts too long. I can usually walk it off or I can get to a warm shower and the heat seems to take the pain away. What is happening to our 40 something bodies at night that causes the tightness and the stiffness? Are you all feeling this too? Carol Eustice an arthritis and joint expert says one theory about morning stiffness is referred to as the gel phenomenon. The gel phenomenon essentially means that stiffness develops after long periods of sitting or inactivity. I'm here to tell you there's a lot of inactivity at night in our bed... You know we are morning people 'wink, wink'. Click to read more about morning stiffness.

Sometimes it's my calves they are in a knot. Other times my feet can't flatten all the way out or my ankles creak. The worst is when my hip feels like it is locked and with every step I hear a loud pop. Or my neck feels like I can't straighten it. Seriously, when the alarm goes off I open my eyes and I stare at the ceiling. I say a prayer to have a good day and for God to walk with me through the day. The big joke when I am praying now, is I say, "God I'm not kidding about the walking with me!"  You see, it's no longer a figurative plea, I literally need help with that first step. The more I read about it the more serious an ache here and a cramp there can be. In addition to arthritis it can be plantar fasciitis, it could be some type of ligament tear, or it could be serious back pain. Did you know that as we age there is a safer way to rolling out of bed, than just popping out like we did when we were younger. Getting out of bed the right way in the morning can prevent a lot of pain.

There is no way to get around the fact that with age, we are going to continue to have new pains. Doctors say that as we age, the ligaments and tendons that hold our joints together become stiff and leathery. And that it is the osteoarthritis that can cause the cartilage in a joint to wear away. Basically, we have to be smart about it, by going to a doctor to check on pain and staying active. And no, its not just about how we get out of bed in the morning.  Joint pain unfortunately, is part of the buffet of horrid choices that come with aging. The older we get the more we have to stretch and prepare our body for the day ahead. Here are some more tips to help with the joint pain that comes with age. This blog is to inform not get you down... so chin up! Let's not fret about the pain in our bodies. We just need to invest more time in taking care of them, so they work longer with less pain. If that means getting up 10-15 minutes earlier to stretch and carefully and methodically get out of bed. So be it! If a little love and tenderness means I can have a more pain free existence, then count me in! 

Keep looking forward so you don't miss what God puts in front of ya!

Matuschka's Midlife... Telling it like it is...
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With spring comes the dawning of many traditional celebrations for families. Spring festivals, musical performances, recitals, first communions, confirmations, junior ring ceremonies and graduations. They are all milestones and very special days. They are days you want to treasure and hold in your memory forever. 

Yesterday was one of those milestones for our family. Watching your daughter turn into a young lady tugs at a mothers heart in a good way. It's a tentative feeling. It's as if she is in the process of entering her chrysalis stage and I'm on the outside watching. While she is on the inside changing and I can see the wings forming. The wings are damp and wet and transforming like a new butterfly. Soon very soon she will be ready to fly. I woke up in the middle of the night out of a deep sleep and wrote a few words to share with her and her class. Hope you don't mind a little different blog today. 


From the day they told me “It’s A Girl!" My heart was wrapped around every little curl.

Wasn't it just yesterday that I had you in dresses and bows...
snuggling my face against chubby fingers and toes.

I wish someone would of told me then… that I would blink and you would be ten.

I still remember when the distance in-between...
felt light years away before I'd have a teen.

It seems we are quickly drawing near... To the time of your release I fear.
But before I let you go, there are a few things I want you to know.

Be kind to others for life is short. But more importantly please be kind to yourself.

True success is taking as many people as you can with you to the top.

It's okay to be scared and it's okay to be different, you will bloom when the time is right.

No matter how bad it gets or how big of a mistake you make… I will always love you.

It's okay to change your mind even if it's in the final hour... I will support you.

Don't ever turn your back on your family or your faith even when things get tough.

Remember there are consequences to everything you do...
Especially with social media, meaning anything you write or post.

As you prepare for the ride of your life, hang on tight to good positive friends…
You will need them on this journey with all its twists and bends.

There’s so much more I want to say, to make sure I protect you in every way.

Unfortunately that's not how it works... As the final year of high school lurks,

Go celebrate your senior year, you have so many great times ahead to share!

I’m sure I speak for all the moms, when I say....

I'm so proud of the women you've become.

I know you are nowhere close to being done!

~Matuschka Lindo

Keep looking forward so you don't miss what God puts in front of ya!

Matuschka's Midlife... Telling it like it is...

by Matuschka Lindo

In the fall it's jeans in the spring it's swimsuits... I really don't know which one is worse as the years keeping adding up. I see more cellulite, gravity has an evil curse on key bathing suit parts, and the fashion industry still hasn't figured out 99% of us aren't zero's! When I think of someone looking good in a bathing suit I think of Marilyn Monroe. Which always makes me scratch my head and wonder, when did we go from wanting to be sexy in a bathing suit to wanting to be skinny? I went to look for bathing suits the other day and prepared the best way I knew how to make sure it would be a positive experience. I had my nails and toes painted in a bright pink color. I made sure I was waxed and ready for a dressing room showdown with any and all suits. Bikini, tankini, one piece, halter etc. In the end I felt like Gretl in The Sound of Music, "Wy don't I feel better?". I thought I was so prepared for a great experience, yet in the end I looked in the mirror thinking YIIIKES! Charla Krupp, the author of How Not to Look Old, shares a few survival strategies when it comes to midlife swimsuit shopping.

There are really so many awful scenarios to the entire experience. The obvious is going up a size or two from your clothing size. Not that it should matter it's about what fits right? Still two sizes knocks at the door of confidence. Then there is the part where you take in 15 suits and you have to go back out and walk another circle to find 15 new ones because not even ONE of the first 15 fit. We all know the salesperson is talking about us! The final straw is when you come back out and just reach for the basic black miracle suit! That my dear friends is called total fail! We really do have to forget about the number and the color and realize it's better to have a suit that fits regardless of size than stuffing yourself into one that does not. Because then you will have more than one salesperson talking about you! Here are FIVE ways to look Slim in a Swimsuit!

Oh how wonderful it is when you do find that one. And if you are lucky there are no straps or ties or weird clasps that challenge your ability to get the darn thing on and off. When you find the right fit you almost want to buy a few in every color that screams flattering. My expectations have hit rock bottom in the swimsuit purchasing escapade. If I can get something that isn't black, comes with support and looks like it's from this century its a SCORE for me! There are so many myths out there to what kind of suit makes you look good. Give yourself a break when shopping for swimsuits. Remember the designers aren't designing in our favor, which is dumb on their part... What midlife woman wouldn't overspend on a suit that fit and made her look like a million bucks? I will admit though I'm still not ready or old enough for the swim dress GULP!

Keep looking forward so you don't miss what God puts in front of ya!

Matuschka's Midlife... Telling it like it is...
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by Matuschhka Lindo

Have you heard about this study that says there is a "Happiness U Curve" and that the happiness we enjoy in the early and late decades of our life plummets to the bottom of the curve in our mid 40's. (They're telling us this because???)  I read some of the study and it was not very uplifting. Going on and on about how they reported in the journal of Social Science and Medicine that our level of happiness tends to not only be low... but hit ROCK BOTTOM in our mid 40's, regardless of gender or geography. Then it goes on to say after analyzing data from 2 million people in 80 countries, they can't pin point a "why" behind the consistency among such diverse populations, only that it exists.

Well, I can tell you "why"... it's the three D's. I was hanging with some friends at a bridal shower over the weekend and there were a lot of young mothers running around chasing their cute babies. We (meaning the mature members of the Three D's Casserole Club) just admired them and thought how fun life was back then newly married, new baby, new house, new experiences; from jobs to family life. Then there is midlife, the land of the 3 D's, Divorce, Disease and Death which has us not only mentally stressed and depressed, but running casseroles all over town to help our dear friends in need. I'm not knocking it, just stating where we are in life. The point is, I don't need a study to tell me I am at the bottom of the Happiness U Curve. I want the timeline from the study showing when I will be  getting out!  Let's just say I am ready now.

Although, the more I read the more I found the somewhat positive side of this. First, I'm getting closer to fifty so that means there is a light at the end of the U-Tunnel right? It would be nice if the study said, "Hey, at 54 you start moving back up the U." Unfortunately it does not give an exact age of when the party starts again.  Second, it is encouraging to think I am supposed to end my life on a high note of happiness! For those who are closer to heading into the dip (Forget the study... take it from me that dip takes a direct pivot down around 40). You could think of ways to be pro active and to discredit these researchers, by taking control of your life and your happiness. Don't let statistics trap you, reach for the top of that curve!

I also wonder if by knowing we are all going through the same motions, mentally asking ourselves the same questions about our achievements and dissatisfactions, men and women alike. Maybe we can step back and deal with the Three D's better. Something to think about for sure. My advice, let's all try to schedule Happiness into our lives by focusing on the Three S's Sleep, Shopping and Sex. (In that order)

Keep looking forward so you don't miss what God puts in front of ya!

Matuschka's Midlife... Telling it like it is...